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Three common probate disputes you should try to prevent

Television dramas often depict disputes over wills as dramatic conflicts between dysfunctional children of wealthy parents. While these depictions are entertaining, they are not representative of all inheritance disputes.

The probate process allows beneficiaries, creditors and others with interests in an estate to challenge the legitimacy of a will. Despite television portrayals, these disputes can happen to well-adjusted families with estates of any size. Here are a few common disputes that can arise during the probate process.

When Is Probate Needed In Nevada?

Many people wonder what will happen to their property after they die. Nevada refers to the transfer of a person's property of their death as "probate." How extensive the probate process is for your estate will depend on the value of your estate.

If your estate is smaller, your heirs can bypass the probate process if your estate is worth less than $25,000, contains no real estate holdings and is passing to a non-spouse. This amount changes to $100,000 if property is passing to a spouse. Your heirs can skip the courts with an Affidavit of Entitlement to receive assets in bank accounts, stocks, pensions and other accounts.

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